"White’s superb command of the language is apparent in the opening
sentences and should be enough to rivet the reader’s attention to this
aspect of the war that Churchill acknowledged had caused him the deepest
concern and most anxiety."

"Worthy and elegant literature…Bitter Ocean may be the definitive
book on the subject and may also preclude the need for any other book to
be written about." it."                                                                   
 —Associated Press, June 7, 2006

      "Superior history… A better starting place for the general reader
to begin learning about this epic portion of World War II would be hard
to imagine…."
     —Publisher’s Weekly, March 27, 2006    

"In Bitter Ocean, David Fairbank White, author of the novel True
Bearing, looks at the Battle of the Atlantic through a novelist’s eye,
and his view of the crucial World War II conflict is often impressive."
Naval History Magazine, August 2006

     "A tense and gripping narrative of a crucial, yet often
unappreciated part of World War II, ‘Bitter Ocean’ reads like an
enthralling novel. Whoever thinks history is dull and boring should read
this book."
Nashville Tennessee, May 21, 2006

 "This book is a fabulous read…clear, descriptive and lively…"
—Charleston, S. C. Post and Courier, July 9, 2006

   ""David Fairbank White has weaved an interesting
and well documented tale of the sacrifices of 36,000 Allied sailors and
airmen…who fought and died to keep supplies running from the United States and Canada to Europe."
—Flint, Mi. Journal, June 4, 2006

    "The use of archival material and fresh interviews brings new life to the saga of how the Allies fought a costly battle – 36,000 seamen perished – in their effort to ferry supplies from the U.S. and Canada to Britain during World War II."
Navy Times ,May 8, 2006

Reviews for True Bearing

"...Marvelously readable...the writing style is firm...and White does not waste words. He is clear and unpretentious in all that he depicts."

New York Daily News

"White writes very well and it is a fine and promising novel."

The Washington Star

"He is devastating in his picture of raw power at work on the powerless...A lot of the book is sad. A little of it is even funny...David White should be proud."

Boston Globe

"Written with the steady control of a writer who knows precisely what he wants to say."


"Anyone familiar with a newsroom, or newspaper operation generally, will be delighted with the authenticity of White's writing about it....The book is beautifully written. The descriptions of weather and of the harbor day and night are vivid. The newspaper characters are authentic..."

St. Paul Dispatch

"A fast paced work that propels the reader from page to page, the plot immerses the reader in the intriguing internal struggles sweeping the country's largest newspaper and a hair raising catastrophe at sea."

The San Diego Union

"True Bearing combines the authenticity of a big-city newspaper cityroom with the world of tugs and tankers. It's fun reading"

—— United Press International

"Captures the fire-in-the-blood excitement of a newshound on the trail of a good story."

Publishers Weekly