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About the authors

DAVID FAIRBANK WHITE studied history at Harvard and worked as a reporter for the New York Times. He has written for national magazines, including Fortune, New York, Parade and Reader’s Digest.

MARGARET STANBACK WHITE received her BA from Harvard. Following a career as a research scientist, she began to freelance as a researcher and editor on nonfiction book projects about scientific breakthroughs and how they have changed the course of history.

Other books by David Fairbank white

Bitter ocean


Bitter Ocean is a masterful, authoritative account of perhaps the least-known major battle of World War II, the Battle of the Atlantic. British, Canadian, and American air and sea forces fought the German U-boats in this desperate battle, and prevailed—at a terrible cost.

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True Bearing


In True Bearing, David Fairbank White has written a profoundly moving novel of human will which permits us to enter two romantic territories of urban scene, the harbor and the newsroom; he has also conjured up an enduring story of youth and inner expedition. True Bearing is a triumph of story telling delivered in keenly observed detail and scene.